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Welcome to Ryan & Trent’s small 3-acre homestead, originally named after one of the family dogs!

The Spotted Dog's Farm Stand

A compendium of handmade products crafted by our caring hands.

Soaps, candles, bath bombs, and more...

Soy Wax Jar Candles

Poured into 8oz jars, 5 signature scents


Goat Milk Soaps

Milk from our herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats


Soy Wax Melts

Hand-poured in small batches, 5 scents


Mystery Crystal Bath Bombs

A bath bomb with a mysterious crystal in the center


Embroidered Hat

Classic and SDA-branded hat!


Pullover Hoodie

A classic hoddie for maximum comfort


The spotted Dog Acres’ farmstead familiars!

While we pretty much have a zoo filled with dogs, cats, reptiles, amphibians, fish, rabbits, and poultry, we’re focusing on a few select animals to breed at this time.

Explore the world of wellness with us

From holistic and wellness fairs to intimate to intimate small-scale gatherings, our charming farm eagerly awaits your presence at every event. Spark your inner magic with our yoga classes, group meditations, cooking lessons, and all types of enchanting personal experiences!

Good Vibes & Goats

Metaphysical discussion from a holistic hobby farm

Join us every week as we explore the realms of wellness, metaphysics, and all things holistic with knowledgeable and experienced practitioners who’ll share their wisdom, insights, and transformative experiences!

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Unveil the mysteries of
holistic wellness & Animal caring

Unveil the mysteries of holistic wellness & Animal caring

We’re no strangers to animals; we’ve nurtured dogs, bottle-fed kittens, hatched poultry, and embraced reptilian companions for many, many years! Our journey through homesteading and farm life has also led us to discover the secrets of holistic wellness and well-being. After years of enriching experiences, we’ve found the perfect way to invite you into our world: through our enchanting blog. Here, we open the gates to share our ever-expanding treasure trove of knowledge, from animal care to holistic wisdom.

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