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Holland Lop rabbit looks to the left while the words 'basic rabbit care' are on the right above the spotted dog acres logo

Basic Rabbit Care

So you’re thinking about getting a pet rabbit? They’re typically friendly, scial creatures with a lot of personality and energy, and they make great pets.  But do you know exactly what taking care of them entails?  Here are some principles of basic rabbit care to get you started.

Spotted Dog (Irish Soda Bread) Recipe

When we discovered that Spotted Dog is also the name for a type of Irish Soda Bread, we had to give it a try.  While our Spotted Dog Acres is named after our dog Harper (English Setter and Lab mix)…

One Year Farmiversary!

Happy Farmiversary!Today marks one year of being on the farm.  It’s gone by so fast!  One year down, a lifetime to go.  Since our closing last November, we have grown immensely.  When we started, we already had a couple rabbits and a handful of chickens, but those numbers soon grew.  We picked up ducks, moreContinue reading “One Year Farmiversary!”

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