About The Show

Good Vibes and Goats is a podcast by Spotted Dog Acres that takes you on a journey to explore the realms of wellness, metaphysics, and all things holistic.

Join us each week for an enlightening adventure as we sit down with knowledgeable and experienced wellness and metaphysical practitioners who will share their wisdom, insights, and transformative experiences.


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This image says the name of the podcast, Good Vibes and goats, with symbols for shuffle, rewind, play, fast forward, and repeat directly under it, indicating it is something to be listened to.  At the bottom of the image, text says "metaphysical discussions from a holistic hobby farm."  The image has a flower of life graphic superimposed on a celestial background, with stars, and galactic componenets.  Two goats trot along in the ether.

Want to be on the show?

Our first several episodes are already mapped out, but we’re always looking to make new friends! If you’re a wellness, metaphysical, or holistic practitioner or business owner, we’d love to chat and see what topics you could bring to the show. If you’re interested in joining us, please take a few minutes to fill out your name, email address, and tell us a little bit about yourself. Sending you love, light, and positive energy! Baaa-maste!

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