Welcome to the Farm

About Spotted Dog Acres

Ryan and Trent have always had a passion for animals and nature. When the opportunity came for them to purchase a small 3-acre homestead, it just made sense. Spotted Dog Acres is originally named after one of the family dogs, Harper, who is an English Setter / Lab mix, and now Willow, who is full English Setter.

We originally planned to use this site to document our transition to farm life in the form of a blog, including info about our animals, DIY projects, recipes, and just general homesteading knowledge. As we hone our skills and move to a business model, we’ll be using it to promote the various products (coming soon!), services, and events that we offer. We look forward to bringing you along on our ever-evolving journey.


While we pretty much have a zoo filled with dogs, cats, reptiles, amphibians, fish, rabbits, and poultry, we’re focusing on a few select animals to breed at this time. We currently specialize in Holland lop rabbits and several different breeds of chickens and ducks. Check out our Goats, Rabbits, and Poultry & Waterfowl pages to see what’s currently available.


We’re no strangers to animals; we’ve bred dogs, bottle fed kittens, hatched poultry, and have both kept reptiles for many many years… however, many aspects of homesteading and farm life are very new to us. We figured the best way to take everyone on this journey with us was through a blog so we can easily share our ever-growing and evolving knowledge base with you. Follow the link below for our most recent blog post!

Connect With Us!

Follow us on social media! For any questions or inquiries about available animals, contact us via the form below or email: spotteddogacres@yahoo.com